World-class Operations

Having delivered a world-class import terminal conversion, our vision is now to become a world-class energy infrastructure operator. Being a world-class operator is key to being considered a partner of choice for current and new customers, which will ensure the long-term sustainability of our business and unlock our growth strategy. 

World-class enables long-term security of supply

  • Long-term aviation fuel demand underpins demand for Channel’s infrastructure beyond 2050.
  • World-class capabilities are needed to support long-term fuels infrastructure resilience and ensure our infrastructure is safe, reliable and of assured integrity.

World-class positions Channel as partner of choice

  • World-class fuels infrastructure capability builds credibility for a broader role in the fuels supply chain.
  • By becoming world-class, we can unlock greater growth opportunities at Marsden Point and beyond as a partner of choice for customers.

To become world-class, incremental investment is needed over time

  • Investment in key capabilities across operations, projects and asset management
  • Disciplined investment in asset maintenance, renewal and upgrade
  • Targeted investment in tank facilities for efficient product quality management.



Our path to world-class

Substantial progress has already been made against world-class. Our future work plan focuses on seven key workstreams across the key areas of systems, assets and capabilities.

Through targeted, incremental investment we will support the long-term resilience of our infrastructure and build credibility as a partner of choice for a broader role. This in turn will enable us to pursue growth opportunities and unlock growth beyond Marsden Point.