You'll find the latest dividend information below.

Channel Infrastructure’s dividend policy is a pay-out of 60-70% of normalised Free Cash Flow, being adjusted for net cash generated from operations less maintenance capex, excluding conversion costs and growth capex).

The dividend policy is subject to the Board’s due consideration of the Company’s medium term asset investment programme; a sustainable financial structure for Channel Infrastructure, recognising the targeted investment grade rating; and the risks from short and medium term economic and market conditions and estimated financial performance.

It is the intention of the Board to attach imputation credits to dividends to the extent that they are available.

2022 Dividend

For 2022, the Board has declared a dividend at top end of the 60%- 70% pay-out range, applied for full 9 months of terminal operations, resulting in a fully imputed final dividend of 5 cents and a fully imputed special dividend of 2 cents per share.

The dividend will be paid on 20 March 2023, with a record date on 10 March 2023.