Laboratory Testing

IPL is a fully independent laboratory that provides transportation fuels, Biofuels, industrial and environmental laboratory testing services to a wide range of customers throughout New Zealand and the South West Pacific.

Our Laboratory Testing

IPL operates two IANZ accredited laboratories in New Zealand. The Marsden Point laboratory is located within the Marsden Point site, and IPL’s Taranaki laboratory is located in New Plymouth.  

IPL provides sound, innovative solutions to the analytical testing needs of the petrochemical industry.  With a proven track record of experience, providing services to leading oil companies, governmental agencies and the South West Pacific Island Terminals.  

IPL offers a diverse range of services for companies requiring hydrocarbon, petrochemical, environmental and analytical testing.  IPL can meet the specific needs of Upstream (exploration/production) and Downstream (refined) fuels in the petrochemical industry, as well as Green Fuels. The expert team can also support with Laboratory Management, Training and Auditing, and Equipment Calibration and Maintenance services. 

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Fuel testing