Channel Infrastructure set to welcome largest refined product ship to ever travel to New Zealand

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Channel Infrastructure, New Zealand’s leading fuel infrastructure company, and the largest fuels import terminal in the country, is set to welcome the biggest product ship to ever visit New Zealand when the STI LILY arrives into Marsden Point later this week.

The refined product ship is classed as LR2 in size, which is among the largest refined product ships in the world, and its planned arrival is the first time a refined product ship of this size has visited New Zealand. With a gross tonnage of 63,000 and deadweight of 110,000, the ship is 250m in length and is capable of carrying up to 120ML of refined product. Marsden Point is the only fuels import terminal capable of handling vessels of this size, offering customers significant freight savings.

Commenting, Channel Infrastructure CEO Naomi James said:

“The process of decommissioning the refinery is now over 70% complete, and only the shell and structure remains with the plant now dismantled internally. As we turn to the future of our new business, the arrival of this vessel into Marsden Point is an important moment in our transition, marking the first time a ship of this size carrying already refined fuels has been able to make the journey to New Zealand. As the largest fuels import terminal in the country, we are the only location capable of receiving product tankers of this size, and our tankage capacity means we are well placed to store and distribute the fuels on board, to where our customers need it most.”

The cargo on board the STI LILY is sufficient to fill half a million cars, fuel 9,000 flights between Auckland and Wellington, and keep 35,000 trucks on the road. It will fill nine of Channel Infrastructure’s tanks, including five of its largest, and is sufficient to meet eleven days’ worth of Auckland and Northland’s demand.

Ms James added,

“As noted when we made our recent presentation to investors, we are currently only utilising around 30% of the available land, and tank capacity of our Marsden Point site, so this gives you a sense of the underutilised capacity that we have to support New Zealand’s fuel security requirements. We have 280 million litres of contracted storage underway already, and we could significantly add to this capacity through further tank conversions, if it were needed. We are excited by the potential opportunities for us to further support New Zealand’s fuel security requirements as the largest terminal, with a direct route to New Zealand’s largest market via the Marsden Point to Auckland Pipeline.”

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